Copper Theft

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Copper theft from homes or business is happening more and more often. Below are a few tips to protect you and yours:

  •  Perimeter Control– A fence is obviously a great way to keep thieves off your property, but a giant dog wouldn’t hurt either!
  •  Lighting– A porch light is obviously a great way to deter potential crime, however a light about your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning(HVAC) unit is also a good idea. Motion lights are even a better idea.
  •  Unit specific Protection– Enclosing your unit in a cage like structure can physically prevent theft. Also for larger units its an option to install tamper proof screws (you guessed it, these screws prevent tampering) to the the outside covers. And last but not least, anchor your outdoor unit to a concrete pad, if its attached to a heavy slab of concrete, its going to be pretty hard to steal.

 Using all these steps above are a good way to potentially prevent theft of the copper in your home. However, if copper theft does happen to you, remember us at Copeland Insurance and we will take care of you!

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