Prepare your vehicle for the winter

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There are several things you can do to ready your car for the winter. You should always make sure your car has a tune up before the weather gets really cold and that your tires are in the right condition to take care of you in the snow as well. Here is a list of things your vehicle should be equipped with to help you out in case of a winter emergency you could encounter on the road:

  • A snow shovel, to dig out your tires if need be
  • Battery jumper cables
  • Bag of sand, or some other traction producing substance
  • Something to tow a vehicle with, whether a cable, chain, or rope
  • A complete set of warm clothes and even a blanket, just in case you need to keep warm if you’re engine won’t start

The winter is a wonderful season as long as we all stay safe and prepared, remember to always clean all your windows before starting a trip down the road, no matter how short. Also have plenty of window washer fluid at all times. Everyone here at Copleand Insurance is wishing everyone a very safe season this winter!


Source: State Auto Autumn 2011 Facts and Features

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