Crop Insurance

Your crops are just as important an investment as your home or farm. In stands to reason that you should be able to purchase the protection you need to hedge against natural disasters or the fluctuations of commodity prices. Copeland Insurance Agency is proud to provide specialized crop insurance to area farming businesses.

Crop insurance is typically purchased by agricultural producers – including farmers, ranchers, and others – to safeguard themselves against the loss of their crops. Crop loss can be attributed to a variety of risks including natural disasters such as hail, drought, and floods, or the loss of revenue due to declines in the prices of agriculture produce.

The two standard categories of crop insurance most often include:

  • Crop-yield
  • Crop-revenue

Here at Copeland Insurance Agency, we pride ourselves on being able to help you find an affordable balance and can customize the perfect coverage package that meets your specific agriculture needs.

Not to mention that at Copeland Insurance Agency we have come to know a thing or two about the unique Kansas agriculture industry—enabling us to hand-craft the perfect crop insurance policy for your business.

Learn more about our comprehensive crop insurance solutions – the costs, coverages, and exclusions – by speaking with a Copeland Insurance Agency agent today.

When you need superior crop insurance, don’t accept anything less than Copeland Insurance Agency. Contact us now.