Manure Hauling

It’s not something most people like to deal with, but if you’re running a farm or ranch, you have to. For every gallon of milk or pound of beef, you’ll have two or three times the amount of manure to deal with. Given that EPA regulations are so stringent, if nitrate levels (a byproduct of concentrated manure amounts) in the local water supply are detected, you could be facing massive fines.

The Copeland Insurance Agency understands manure disposal is not a pleasant topic. But you need to understand the risks of having it hauled away and disposed of. Our Manure Hauling Insurance policy is designed to protect you while you’re trying to protect the environment.

We’ve been serving farmers and ranchers in Kansas for more than 50 years. Our devoted agents can explain how our Manure Hauling coverage can protect your farm or ranch while staying within your budget.

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